The Netherlands

1. Netherlands Red Cross medal of merit, silver 1867.

Silver medal to the order of merit of the red cross. Very nice condition, silver marking on the loop, perfect enamel. 1945-1977 type in case. Red cross award pins included. Rare!

Red cross merit medal silver Dutch Rode kruis eenheidsdiploma medaille voor verdienste in zilver

Price: 79 Euro

2. Netherlands general campaign medal clasp ISAF, original case with ribbon bar and number 2

Price: 10 euro

3. Long and Loyal service medal for army NCO's in silver(24 years) boxed.


Price: 25 euro

4. Long and Loyal service medal army NCO's in bronze (12 years) boxed


Price: 20 euro

5. Mobilisation war cross 1939-1945 mounted for wear.

Original Dutch mobilisation war cross mounted by Fa A. Tack Breda for service between 1939 and 1945.


Price: 39 euro

6. Dutch red cross bloodtransfusion service medal, cased in bronze.

In original case of issue by Begeer.


Price: 8 euro

7. Cased IRAQ campaign medal in case of issue

Original issued medal for the campaign in Irak in 1991(provide comfort), and Dessert shield and Dessert Storm. Also given to the Dutch weapon inspection teams in Iraq 1997. In case of issue with ribbon bar as issued.

Dutch medal for Dessert storm and Dessert shield Dutch IRAQ campaign medal

Price: 95 Euro

8. Cased large bronze medal for the flooding of the Oostzaan/tuindorp Amsterdam 1960.

In its original box by Royal Begeer Voorschoten.


Price: 20 euro

9. NCO loyal service medal 12 years miniature in original box of issue.


Price: 15 Euro

10. Netherlands general campaign medal bar 2-ISAF for two tours in the Afghanistan mission.

Original clasp with ribbon bar and figure 3 for three missions in total, in original box of issue.

Price: 12 euro

11. Dutch general campaign medal in case of issue

Dutch general campaign medal given for the missions in Haiti(1994-1995) Georgia, Moldavia, OVSE missions in Albania. In Case of issue with ribbon bar.

herinneringsmedaille multinationale vredesoperaties in Haiti Mariniers 

Price: 95 Euro

12. Cross for important war actions in the Dutch Indies with clasp: Kleine Soenda Eilanden 1905-1909.

Original issue cross for important war actions in the Dutch indies, with nice original old ribbon.

kruis voor krijgsverrigtingen kleine soenda eilanden 1905-1909 Kleine Soenda Eilanden 1905-1909 Cross for importand war actions Dutch Indies

Price: 65 Euro

13. Cross for important war actions, Dutch Indies

Original Cross for important war actions, no clasp. Nice original issue ribbon.

Kruis voor Krijgsverrigtingen Cross for war actions Dutch Indies 

Price: 49 Euro

14. Dutch Loyal service cross for officers

Nice old cross for Dutch officers long and loyal service, 20 years. Very nice old pre WW2 issue made by Van Wielik. Silver gilded, marked in the cross arm.

Trouwe dienst officier  Dutch loyal service badge officers 

Price: 45 Euro

15. Red cross loyal service medal.

Very nice original red cross loyal service medal with 20 years of service clasp in case of issue.


Price: 25 Euro

16. Dutch WW2 campaign cross, mounted for foreigners or civillians

Original Dutch 1944 war cross by Begeer Voorschoten.Rare in this mounting.

oorlogsherinneringskruis Dutch war cross WW2 

Price: 25 Euro

17. clasp for volonteer service medal XX (20) years

Nice condition both back pins intact

Price: 5 Euro

18. clasp for volonteer service medal XXX (30) years

Nice condition both back pins intact

Price: 6 euro

19. Dutch star for Order and Peace 1945-1951

Original Dutch cross for the Dutch Indies 1945-1951 period. Mounted for wear.

Ster voor orde en vrede Dutch indies medal

Price 25 Euro

20. Star for service in the Dutch Indies for order and peace

Clasps 1946 and 1947 for action patrols

Price: 25 Euro

21. World War 2 Dutch Red Cross service cross

Dutch Red Cross medal(cross) for second world war service in the Netherlands. Original issue in silver with enamel.

Dutch Red Cross Service WW2 

Price: 65 Euro

22. Medal for military marching (vierdaagse medaille)

Medal for 4 days march of Nijmegen, ten time completion, gold cross. In case of issue.

gouden vierdaagse kruis marching cross Nijmegen

Price: 45 euro

23. New Guinea Commemorative Cross in case of issue with ribbon bar

Original Dutch New Guinea commemorative cross for the actions in former Netherlands New Guinea. In orginal case of issue with ribbon bar. (Nederlands nieuw Guinea kruis) not too often offered!

Dutch New Guinea Cross Netherlands New Guinee Order Nederlands Nieuw Guinea Kruis

Price: 105 Euro

24. Dutch army officer loyal service cross for 15 years

Original issue loyal service cross for officers of the Dutch forces. Older making by Van Wielik in silver gilt, silver marking in the cross arm. Mounted for wear.

Trouwe dienst kruis jeneverkruis officier medaille onderscheiding 

Price 25 Euro

25. War cross 1939-1945 for Forces mobilisation WW2, in case of issue

Original issue cross for the forces mobilisation and the resistance forces, by Begeer Voorschoten in case of issue.

Mobilisatie oorlogskruis Dutch war cross 1939-1945

Price: 40 Euro


1. Grand cross Order of Orange Nassau in case of issue

Original case Grand cross to the Order of Orange Nassau. Complete set in case of issue with sash, breast star and button device. Perfect enamels, marked: "RIJKSMUNT UTRECHT" silver marking on the pin. Rare in this high class.Order orange Nassau Grand Cross Grand cross Order Orange Nassau

Order Orange Nassau Breast star Order Orange Nassau


Price: SOLD

6. Dutch resistance rememberance cross in case of issue

Original cross of the resistance issue to members who contributed to the resistance against the German suppressors. Rare in case of issue with button device.


Price : SOLD

12. Netherlands Red cross bronze war medal 1939-1940.

Original 1939-1940 war medal in pristine state. Rare medal, perfect enamel. Marked Kon. Begheer Voorschoten on the back.


Price: SOLD

19. 1940-1945 war cross (oorlogsherinneringskruis).

With war bar: Nederland mei 1940

Price: SOLD

1. Netherland Order of the House of Orange, neck badge 

Original House Order of the Orange Kingdom of the Netherlands in silver. Order for prosperaty and ingenuity, on full neck ribbon. 1908-1969 issue, discontinued. Very rare medal!

Huisorde oranje voortvarendheid en vernuft

Price: SOLD

7. Medal for the Military order of William rememberance 100 years. 1921.

Non wearable medal for the rememberance of 100 years of military order of William. Given to all Knights to the order in 1921. Normally the 100 year remebberance would be in 1915, but posponed untill after the Great war. Rare medal!

MWO rotterdam 1921 

Price: SOLD

21. Medal for military marching (vierdaagse medaille)

Medal for four days marching of Nijmegen, in silver for five time completion. In case of issue.


Price : SOLD

7. Dutch Bronze cross 1941, for Bravery

Original WW2 Dutch army/navy Bronze Cross for Bravery in the field. Original issue made by Gaunt during WW2. Original pin and ribbon.

Bronzen kruis Bronze cross wereldoorlog WW2 Bronzen kruis Gaunt London Bronze cross 1941

Price: SOLD

23. Dutch Navy operational service medal

Original Dutch Navy operational service medal mounted for wear.

Marine medaille opgemaakt 

Price: SOLD

11. Dutch cross for merit 1941

Original issue Dutch cross for merit (Kruis voor Verdienste) 1941. WW2 issue made by Gaunt in London. With original ribbon and pin.

Cross for military merit 1941 Dutch Kruis voor verdienste 1941 Gaunt Kruis voor verdienste 1941 Engelandvaarders

Price: SOLD