1. Book of Orders, Decorations  and Medals of the Lebanon by Elie Ghossoub

Very impressive book on the orders, decorations and medals of the Lebanon in English and Arabic. Divided in four chapters, including all degrees on the Lebanon orders. Hard cover book, 384 pages in A4 size. Condition is new in stock! ISBN 9789953043975. (Shipment options to Europe/US: 18USD/20USD)


Price: 85 euro

2. Book of Orders & Decorations by Vláclav Mericka

"The book of orders and decorations" by Vlacav Mericka hardbound 248 pages.

Describes many orders with monochrome and colour illustrations. Also a very good guide to the construction of orders and their systems. In English, size A4, published in 1975. ISBN 0 600 36731 2

Price: 15 Euro

3. Het Officierskruis voor eervolle langdurige dienst

"Het Officierskruis voor eervolle langdurige dienst" The Dutch Officers Cross for loyal service" is written by Anita van Dissel and Ben Schoenmaker. The history of the Dutch Officers crosses for loyal service, in full colour with many different types of medals pictured. Written in Dutch, 84 pages, softbound size 21x23cm, no publishing date. ISBN 90 8506 419 8.

Price: SOLD

4. Een bewijs van belangstelling en welwillendheid, De medaille voor langdurige eerlijke en trouwe dienst.

"Een bewijs van belangstelling en welwillendheid, de medaille voor langdurige eerlijke en trouwe dienst, The Dutch NCO Loyal service medal for long, honest and loyal service. By Joep van Hoof. The History of the Loyal service medal in color. 77 pages with many versions of the medal. Written in Dutch, softbound size 21x23cm, no publishing date. ISBN 978 90 8506 504 3

Price: SOLD

5. Koninklijke medailles

"Koninklijke medailles" written bij A.C. Zuidema. 2013. Royal medals, about all the medals concerning the Dutch Royal House ceremonies, as inaugurations and wedding medals from 1898 till 2013. Written in Dutch with pictures of all issued royal medals till date. Softbound, size 17x24cm, published in 2013, 87 pages in colour. ISBN 978 9 070024 00

Price: 10 Euro

6. De Nederlandse ridderorden en onderscheidingen by W.F. Bax 1951

"De Nederlandse ridderorden en onderscheidingen" by Dr. W.F. Bax, published 1951. Book on the Dutch orders and decorations. Written in Dutch with descriptions of the Dutch orders and decorations, pictures of decorations and ribbons in color. 56 pages, published in 1951. Hardbound 24x16cm.

Price: 5 euro

7. Het Nederlandse Decoratiestelsel, The Dutch Honours system

"Het Nederlandse Decoratiestelsel" by the Dutch Government. Book on the system and wear of the Dutch orders and decorations, also the order of wear is written in this book. Written in Dutch, English French, Spanish and German. Softbound 46 pages in colour. Issued in 2002.

Price: 5 Euro

8. Het Vliegerkruis, voor moed initiatief en volharding

"Het vliegerkruis, voor moed initiatief en volharding" The Flyers Cross, for courage, iniative and persistancy by H. G. Meijer and R. Vis. Book on the Dutch Flyers Cross with all recipients and citations. Covers all versions of the Flyers cross and many more. Many Dutch medal groups with foreign medals in it. Hardbound 268 pages, published 1997. Size 29x23cm in color. Written in Dutch. ISBN 90 6707 347 4

Price: 45 Euro

9. Dutch poster in color on the Dutch decorations and ribbons

Old Dutch poster on the Dutch medals and ribbons in color, some wear.

Price: 5 Euro

10. Poster on the Soviet orders and medals

Nice poster of two pieces covering the Soviet medals and orders, some wear and tear. Rare item!

Price: 10 Euro

11. Zeg mij aan wien ik toebehoor, het verzetskruis.

"Zeg mij aan wien ik toebehoor, het verzetskruis" Tell me to whom I belong the Dutch resistance cross. By dr C.M. Schulten. Book covering the recipients of the Dutch resistance cross and the citations, a very rare medal. Published 1993, 203 pages in monochrome. Size 24x17cm. Written in Dutch. ISBN 90 12 08001 0

Price: 8 Euro

12. Nederlandse en Buitenlandse ridderorden en onderscheidingen

Dutch book on the Dutch and Foreign orders and decorations by C. Baron van Heerdt. Published in 1965, containing 88 pages and monochrome pictures of the orders of the Netherlands. Collectors Item, written in Dutch.

Dutch order Dutch medal

Price 8 Euro