1. Medal for National defence with two bars

Medaille defence nationalle avec agrafe, "Troupes de Marine" et Troupes Aeroportees

Defence Nationalle Troupes Marines

Price: 15 euro

2. Medal of honor of the ministry of foreign affairs in silver

Silver medal:"Medaille d'honneur des affaires etrangeres" en argent issued to foreign servants during state visitis.

medaille affaires etrangeres Argent medaille etrangeres

Price: 55 euro

3. Clasp for medaille defense nationale 

Agraffe mission d'assistance exterieure

Price: 4 euro

4. Clasp for medaille defense nationale

Agraffe defense nationale missions d'assistance exterieur type 2

Price 4 euro

5. Clasp for medaille defense nationale

Agraffe defense nationale troupes aeroprtees

Price 4 euro

6. croix de combattant, military cross 

Nice original military cross for war actions of France.

Price 10 Euro

7. Medal de Honneur de education Physique in silver

Nice original silver medal first type 1929-1946 marked "argent" on the rim(no ribbon)


Price 12 euro

8. Medaille service Militaire volontaire d'or: Military volunteer service medal in gold grade

Very nice issued and worn medal for voluntary service, in the box of issue. Not very commonly found.




Original clasp for ribbon bar of the colonial service medal, two pieces

Price: 1 euro

10. "LIBYE" Clasp to the Medaille Coloniale

Clasp Libye for the Medaille Coloniale, Arthus Bertrand fabricated

Libye Medaille coloniale

Price: 17 euro

11. Medals for long work service, medaille du travaille

Medal for work in silver(20 years), gold(30 years), gold with palm(35years) all in original case of issue from Monnaie de Paris. Names erased on the back.medailles travialle

Price: 15 euro