1. German Red Cross merit cross in Silver cased and numbered.

Very nice German Silver grade, Red cross merit cross, numbered 741 in original case of issue by Steinhauer & Luck, Ludenscheid. Offical German name: "Kreuz Fur Verdienste um das Deutsche Rote Kreuz" 

Fur Verdienste Um Das Deutsche Rote Kreuz Silber

Price: 99 Euro

2. German inter-parlamentarische union orden Berlin 1908.

Very nice German Silver medal titled: INTER-PARLAMENTARISCHE UNION BERLIN 1908. Manufacturer mark on the obverse: M. Ruhling, Berlin C. Complete with original ribbon.

Berlin 1908

Price: 39 Euro

3. German Malteser Aid service silver medal

Very nice German Silver grade, Malteser Hilfsdienst medal. Issued for Gratitude and Recognition. Dank und Anerkennung. 5.1cm diameter. Rare piece!

Malteser Hilfsdienst Dank und anerkennung

Price: 20 Euro

4. German medal group of 2 for the mission in KOSOVO

Very nice German mission medal with bar KFOR in case of issue. (Einsatzmedaille KFOR) The NATO medal KOSOVO in case of issue made by Eeckelers Centini. A nice complete grouping from a German soldier to KOSOVO mission.

KOSOVO Einsatzmedaille KFOR

Price: 35 Euro