Here my offerings on original issue Dutch medal ribbons. All are first issue ribbons as recieved by the Dutch army.

1. Miniature ribbon for the Dutch Bronze lion

2. United nations campaign medal ribbon UNTAC Cambodia

3. United nations campaign ribbon for former Yugoslavia

4. United nations general campaign ribbon

5. United nations campaign ribbon with holes for the LIBANON 1979 clasp

6. Navy medal ribbon

7. Army medal ribbon

8. Military police medal ribbon

9. Multinational operations IRAQ campaign medal ribbon

10. Multinational operations SINAI or GULF campaign medal ribbon

11. Humanitarian aid medal ribbon

12. Air force medal ribbon

13. Inaugruation medal 1980

14. Royal wedding rememberance medal 2002 ribbon

15. four days marching medal ribbon with top bar

16. Officer loyal service cross medal ribbon, complete with backing plate and pin

17. Multi-sports medal from NSF

18. loyal service badge officers ribbon

19. Medal for volontary service ribbon type 1

20. Medal for volontary service ribbon type 2

1. Proficiancy military sports medal ribbon

2. Two days military sports medal

3. Red cross 1939-1940 medal

4. NATO non article 5 medal balkans ribbon

5. NATO Non article 5 ISAF medal

6. NATO IFOR/SFOR medal ribbon

7. European Union mission medal ribbon

1. Military Police service ribbon (Marrechaussee medaille)

2. Air force service ribbon (Luchtmachtmedaille)

3. Order of Orange Nassau medal ribbon with pin

4. Inaugruation medal 2013 king Wilhelm Alexander medal ribbon with issue pin

5. Inaugruation medal 1980 Queen Beatrix medal ribbon with pin of issue

6. Firefighters service medal ribbon

7. Cross of recognition of the veterans union medal ribbon

8. Army medal ribbon

9. Police loyal service medal ribbon with pin of issue

10. NCO forces loyal service medal with mounting as issued

11. Penthatlon military medal ribbon

12. United nations medal ribbon for the KOREA war

13. 4 days military marching ribbon 37mm

14. ECMM medal ribbon

Dutch ribbon bars as worn by the Dutch forces

Other dutch ribbons are available on order, please ask if any needed!