International medal ribbons from various countries, all originals!

1. Neck ribbon complete with lock for Venezuela Naval merit order first class

2. Territorial service ribbon the UK

3. Duty medal ribbon 1st class Sudan

4. Belgium long service medal ribbon NCO

5. Unknown ribbon from an African country

6. Kuwait liberation medal 1991 with pin

7. Unknown US/Thai ribbon?

8. Unknown ribbon from an African country

9. Operational service medal ribbon the UK

10. Africa star medal ribbon with bar used

1. Norway commander ribbon Saint Olav order

2. Kuwait 4th or 5th class medal for the liberation of Kuwait 1991

3. Saudi Arabia ribbon for the liberation of Kuwait medal


Here a collection of ribbons, unknown to me, if you can help me out please do. If you need a ribbon from the pictures, just let me know and I will measure it for you and we will work this out.

As a collector, I know the importance of finding original replacement ribbons! Enjoy!

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medal ribbons USSR

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order ribbons

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medal order ribbons

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replacement ribbons

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ribbon pieces

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USSR ribbons