1. Officer to the Order of Leopold II with case and award document.

Original issued Officer to the Order of Leopold II of Belgium in its case of issue with award document of 1970.

Price: 45 Euro

2. Saint Rombok cross of honor of the bishop of Mechelen-Brussels.

Original cross of honor of the church, ribbon faded


Price: 12 euro

3. 1914-1918 war medal Belgium

Price: 10 euro

4. Belgium victory medal 1914-1918


Price: 15 euro

5. Belgium red cross medal boxed.

Nice red cross medal in original box of issue, in perfect state


Price: 10 euro

6. Long and good civil service medal Belgium silver class older type.

Older type of civil merit decoration, no ribbon


Price: 5 euro

7. Merit order to agriculture 2nd class RARE!

Merit order of agriculture merits, with green enamels. Multipiece construction, not as common as the labour medals.


Price: 10 euro

8. Golden Palm to the Order of the Belgium Crown, boxed.

Golden palm order to the crown, boxed with miniature

Price: 10 euro

9. Long and good civil service medal Belgium gold class boxed

Price 10 euro

10.  Long and good civil service medal Belgium silver class, cased

Original cased medal with miniature, in silver


Price: 10 euro

11. Long and good civil service medal Belgium bronze class


Price: 8 euro

12. Teachers medal Belgium CVO

Nice rare medal in perfect state


Price 10 euro

13. 25 years of church service medal 


Price: 5 euro

14. Bronze Belgium red cross medal

Very nice cased bronze plaque to the blood donors of the red cross of Belgium


Price: 8 euro

15. Soccer medal for service in silver named, boxed


Price: 8 euro

16. Bronze Coin of the Belgium red cross

For gratitude of the Flemisch red cross blood service


Price 3 euro

17. Medal for unarmed humanitarian operations Belgium

Nice original issue medal for humanitarian operations



18. Medal for the Korean war volunteers Belgium and Luxembourg Battalion

Original issue volunteer medal as issued to the Belgium and Luxembourg volunteers for the Korean war. Original with PUGNATOR bar.

Korean war medal PUGNATOR bar Luxembourg Luxembourg volonteer medal pugnator

Price: 25 Euro