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Welcome to my orders and medals collections site!

I am a Dutch collector of world orders and medals since 1999. As all you collectors know, we pick up some doubles or medals which don't fit in our collection, throughout the years. On this site, I am offering my orders and medals that do not fit in my collection for sale or trade. I welcome a swap or trade-in if it is an addition to my personal collection!

All offered medals and orders are original vintage pieces unless stated otherwise.

Moneyback guarantee on all my offerings!

LAST UPDATE 8th of July 2024

Wij spreken Nederlands, Nous parlons Francais, Hablamos Espanol, si parlo Italiano, We speak English, Wir sprechen Deutsch.

Wanted: Orders and medals (cases) from all over the world. I have cases and ribbons for sale or trade! 

For more medal information, pictures, questions or other order or medal issues please use the contact form at the contact button at the menu.

Or mail to: universalmedals@gmail.com

Some prices are negotiable!
And please don't hesitate to ask ANY questions, I will be glad to help!